How to Make a Dog Hack for $30

Hackers who want to break into the minutiae of the dog’s digestive system have a new way to do so: with a hack.On Friday, a hacker called Hack the Minotaur posted a video showing him making a dog’s stomach grow and digest itself.He was able to make a small hole in the wall of the […]

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Why your phone should be protected from hackers

Hackers are using new software to take over your phone and make it easier for them to steal data and data breaches.1 / 5 Hackers use new software that encrypts your phone to hide their tracks.Now, that’s not a good thing, but hackers are using it to hide the trackers.“This is not a security problem.This […]

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What to do if you lose your password and get hacked

Zane, the company behind Z-Pay, has come under fire for a hack that stole over a million user passwords from the company’s database, a breach that has left thousands of users without access to their money.A spokesperson for the company says that they were hacked by a foreign hacker.The company has said that the data […]

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Which keyboard is the most popular in India?

This article was originally published in The Hindu on November 30, 2017.It has been updated for clarity.The hacker keyboard is an Indian slang word that has become synonymous with hackers.In English, it means “to hack” or “to damage”.In Hindi, it’s also known as “tik taik” and has become a popular insult to anyone who uses […]

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The NHL’s Only Fans Hack Will Be Live!

The NHL has been hacked and you’ll be able to watch a few moments of live game action in the coming days.As reported earlier today, NBC will be live-streaming a few minutes of games in the upcoming days, and the league has promised to share more details as soon as they become available.As for what’s […]

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How to hack insta-famous account in 10 minutes

Hackers have taken over the Twitter account of the actress Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities and the company has started a new account called @JenniferLawrence.According to the news outlet, the account has been hacked and that “a large number of people” have lost access to their personal information, which includes names, phone numbers, and passwords.It […]

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