An Australian cybersecurity expert is set to face an Australian court on Thursday in the hacking and denial-of-service (DDoS) case against him.

Key points:The case involves the theft of over 4 million social media profiles, including accounts belonging to celebrities and politiciansA cyber-criminal has been accused of stealing more than 4 million profilesThe court is set for Thursday morningThe man accused of hacking the accounts of the likes of actors Scarlett Johansson and Adam Baldwin is set also to appear in court over the same case.

A court in Canberra will hear arguments over the man accused, known as Aiden O’Brien, on Thursday morning, as the man’s lawyers prepare to argue he was entitled to a public apology for the hacks.

Mr O’Briens lawyer told the court the claims against him were “unfounded” and “a baseless and unfounded attempt to damage Mr O’Connor’s reputation”.

“Mr OConnor has been subjected to a long period of harassment and humiliation, and has had to put up with threats of death,” he said.

“His life is in danger.”

We respectfully request that the court accept that this is not acceptable and to allow Mr OConnor to receive the support he needs.

“Mr O’s attorney said Mr OBrien had been harassed for two years and that the harassment had resulted in a “massive financial loss” to his family.”

Mr Anderson has suffered a great deal in the last 18 months, but is not entitled to any compensation whatsoever,” the lawyer said.

He also asked the court to consider whether there was “sufficient evidence” to support Mr O’s claims.

Mr Anderson was detained in Melbourne last year on suspicion of the hacking of a number of social media accounts belonging, among others, to Scarlett Johansons family.

He was charged with the alleged theft and has pleaded not guilty.

Mr OBrien has been charged with a further five counts of hacking.