Why is this Minecraft hack impacting kids?

A Minecraft hack affecting children in Quebec has forced the province to ban a popular Minecraft game.The Minecraft hacking incident has affected more than 700,000 players around the world and has been dubbed the largest internet attack in history.The game has a large community of players, who create content to compete in online multiplayer games.“I […]

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When hackers hack Pokemon, only fans hack

A series of hacks has revealed a game for the Pokemon series that fans can play without having to download the game’s official app.The hack, dubbed Pokemon Hack, has been spotted on the official Pokemon subreddit, which was updated Tuesday with a post by user DrexelTurtle that said the hack is “the first time we’ve […]

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How to hack google hacking database

How to create an account on google hacking, hack google.com, google.co.uk, google hacking data,google hackers,google hack source Google news title How google hacks database and hacks google.org, google hack, google data, google hackers article How google hacking works, google hacks, google, google hacker, google info, google news, google source Google source

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How Twitter hacks on Tap is getting worse

Hackers are stealing passwords and other personal information from people on Twitter, but it’s getting worse.The company says it’s now cracking down on accounts that have posted spam, and a new feature in the app called “Tap” is making it easier to report them.The feature is a little bit like a “revenge” button in Twitter’s […]

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Why I Hacked The Hackers Behind The ‘Tarkov’ Hackers

In late October 2016, a group of hackers calling themselves the “Tarkovsky hackers” began to target websites and social media accounts associated with the film director.The attack was widely condemned, with critics claiming that the attack was a deliberate attempt to steal the film’s content and influence the public opinion of the film itself.“Tarksky was […]

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