The hacker news team has a roundup of recent news, as well as some cyberwarriors who are still on the hunt for a bigger target.

The news includes a hack that appears to be a backdoor to the PlayStation Network, the latest in a series of attacks that have been targeted at Sony.

The PSN’s vulnerability has been addressed, but some of the other recent hacks have still been able to be used by attackers.

The hackers have also been able use a PlayStation Move controller to access sensitive information.

A group of hackers that has been known to hack into consoles and servers has been targeting Sony and Nintendo, according to the hacker group known as the Guardians of Peace.

The group has used the PlayStation 4 as a staging ground for attacks, with a group known to have breached the console using the PSN as a way to gather data and launch an attack.

The Guardians of War has also attacked Sony and Microsoft as well, using the Xbox Live network to launch attacks.

The PSN vulnerability was first reported on Oct. 17, but was first announced in July, according the Guardians’ Twitter account.

The hack is thought to have taken place around Sept. 25, when the Guardians broke into the PS4 and tried to launch an exploit for a flaw in the PS3’s memory management.

A separate Sony hack has been blamed for an exploit that allowed attackers to access encrypted passwords on a Sony Entertainment Network account.

The Guardians of Light, or the Guardians, also took credit for an attack against Microsoft’s Xbox Live service that was discovered by the hacker known as Wombat on Oct of last year.

The attacks against Sony and other companies have focused on the gaming consoles, but a variety of attacks have been launched against the Internet of Things, such as the IoT device.

The IoT devices are devices that can detect objects and send commands, such the remote control of a car.

The latest hacking attack was on Sony’s cloud service, the PlayStation Store, and it has been claimed the hackers were able to access customer data, including financial data.

A Sony spokesperson told CBS News that they are working with law enforcement authorities to find out who is behind the attacks.