The latest Destiny 2 hack is just one example of the variety of hacks, exploits, and exploits that developers are still finding and exploiting for some of the game’s most popular features.

While Destiny 2 is now more than four years old, the hack scene is still active and expanding, and some of these hacks and exploits are still as popular today as they were when Destiny 2 launched.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the top 10 most recent hacks, which are available now for Destiny 2, and offer tips on how to avoid them.


The Last Guardian hacks Destiny 2 has a number of great Destiny 2 achievements, including the new Vanguard achievement, but one of the most widely known and popular exploits in the game is the “Last Guardian” achievement, which requires players to beat the game in under an hour.

This achievement has been around since Destiny 1, and its one of many examples of the type of exploit Destiny 2 fans are still discovering.

Bungie and Activision have been known to occasionally patch the game to address exploits that are currently in use, but this is the first time that the “last guardian” achievement has had any sort of official patch.

Bungie did not immediately respond to Ars’ request for comment on this story.


Destiny 2 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare hacks Destiny fans can get into Infinite Warfare by hacking a couple of key files, and they can do this by exploiting the game and a number in-game items.

These hacks are sometimes called “blacklists,” and they allow players to get around some of Destiny 2’s major security limitations.

The most famous of these exploits is the exploit that allows players to access Destiny 2 in a locked, unplayable state, but many players have found that the same exploits are also used to bypass the “blacklist” restrictions.

Some of the exploits in this list are extremely easy to spot: In the case of “The Last Guardian,” the file that Bungie is exploiting is one of four files in the “scripts” folder of Destiny, the game files that make up the bulk of the entire game.

Bungie has also published a number exploits that were discovered in the code of Destiny 1.

In one of these, players are able to bypass an in-progress “blacklisted” exploit.

In a third, “the Last Guardian” exploit can be exploited by using the “vault” command in the Destiny 2 launcher to bypass Destiny 2 “black lists.”

Bungie has been known not to patch Destiny 2 or Infinite Warfare in a timely fashion.

Bungie hasn’t yet publicly acknowledged any exploits in these titles, but these types of hacks are not new.

Bungie’s own Destiny 1 forums are full of examples of players trying to exploit these in-development features.

Players have been hacking the game for years to try and get into these games, and it’s no surprise that these hacks are still in use.


Destiny 3 and Call to Duty: Advanced Warfare hacks The Call to War series is a popular series in the Call to Action series.

This series of missions allows players complete a series of objectives, which can be either missions that lead players to a new area, or missions that allow players explore new areas and earn more medals and other achievements.

Bungie originally released the Call for Duty series in 2009, but it has since been discontinued.

This is the last Call to Day missions for Call to Combat, and players are still trying to earn the achievements that allow them to complete the missions.

In addition to the Call To War and Call for Combat missions, Bungie also released Call to the World, which lets players complete missions that involve fighting other players in the online multiplayer.

Bungie says that it was “the first Call to World in years,” but many Destiny fans have been able to get into this series by hacking the Call 1, Call 2, Call 3, and Call 4.

Bungie doesn’t have any specific instructions for how to hack Call to combat missions, but the “code for the game” has been updated with instructions on how players can access these missions.


Destiny 4 and Call To the Stars hacks Bungie’s Call to Star series is one that most players have been playing for years.

In Call to The Stars, players complete four different missions to collect stars and complete a number, including one in which players can collect all three of the three “Dawn of War” achievements.

Destiny fans are also able to hack these missions to complete achievements such as the “Destiny” achievement.

Bungie also has a “code to play” for the Call 2 series, which includes a number that players can “hack” to access the first four missions.

Some Bungie fans have also found that this hack allows them to bypass “black bans” on Destiny 2.

This hack allows players access to the Destiny 1 and 2 maps in the same way that they can hack Call 1 or Call 2.

In the Call 3 and 4 hacks, players can bypass “Black Bans,” which Bungie says are “in place to ensure a smooth progression and a fair playing