Twitter hack: ‘Was an act.


It is the conclusion of a Twitter user who says the company’s failure to stop the hack is evidence that the company is still not doing enough to protect users.

In the wake of the hack, which exposed personal information of nearly 100 million people, Twitter’s CEO and CTO have said they are looking into how the hack occurred and whether the company could have done more to prevent it.

The hack took place over a period of two weeks and was not directly related to the company.

Twitter has said that it is not aware of any other hacks of its own.

But the hack highlighted a lack of security and cybersecurity in the social media platform, which has an estimated 5.5 billion users.

“This is a case where there is no doubt that the failure to protect against a cyberattack is evidence of a failure to address the root causes of a problem,” wrote @mikewatson in a tweet Sunday night.

“This failure is not a result of negligence, or an act on their part, but a result, like the failure of a nation to protect itself.”

The hack was not linked to Russia, and it does not appear to have been a cyber attack, according to cybersecurity experts.

Twitter said in a statement that it has taken steps to prevent further disruptions to its users’ accounts, including “actively reviewing our policies, policies and practices related to cyber threats, including through a proactive process designed to identify and address any potential threats, and to address any security issues.”

Twitter has also hired cybersecurity experts and hired experts from cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike to investigate the hack.

Twitter also has released a security update, but said it will not release the new code to the public until it completes a forensic investigation.

The company has said it does have tools that can be used to help users.

It has also said that its security team has more than 4,000 staff and has more security experts on staff than it did before the hack took hold.

The FBI has also launched a probe into the hack and the company has hired experts and experts from the private sector to review the data.

The FBI declined to comment on the investigation into the breach.