How to make clicker heroes a lot cheaper

A team of clicker hackers from Hackers on the Block has released a new tool to make the purchase process a lot easier for hackers.The tool is called Clicker Heroes and it works by adding a small widget to the top of the page to show the prices of different products.It’s meant to encourage buyers […]

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Hacker hacks Playstation Classic Hack, Game Hack Apps

Hackers have stolen the hackable PlayStation Classic hackable games and apps, including a popular game called Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.The thieves stole a copy of Crash Bandics games and some games in the Crash Bandisn game collection, but not the other games.A few hours after the hack was discovered, Sony announced the company was […]

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How to hack your favourite Instagram app

The Instagram app is a great app for the price, but it also lets people mess around with it.It’s a popular way for users to interact with the site, but a few months ago, hackers made off with hundreds of millions of Instagram accounts. They were able to gain access to Instagram’s login system, which let […]

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What you need to know about the IKEA desk hack ikeas desk hack

It’s been more than a year since the hack at the Ikea headquarters in Washington, D.C., caused widespread outrage.The hack involved employees accessing personal email accounts, compromising the company’s security and sending emails to a handful of people, many of whom were well-known employees.In a statement, Ikea said the incident is now “under investigation.”A few […]

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Google hackers stole a database containing more than 300 million Google Accounts from a hack into a data center in California

Google has denied reports that hackers stole information from a data centre in California, after a database of more than 1 billion user accounts was found on the hackers’ devices.Google’s internal security team confirmed to The Hill that a password recovery tool, called a “zoom hacking” database, was taken from the facility on Friday.It was […]

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