An amateur hacker who hacked into the BBC website has released the source code for the BBC News app.

Kat Hack, an Australian based computer programmer, posted the code on Twitter on Tuesday.

It has been downloaded almost 200,000 times and is the third most downloaded app in the BBC Appstore.

“I got a little tired of waiting for the News app to launch.

It is not really an app, it is a website,” she said.”

There is not much functionality here other than basic things like reading news articles.”

But that’s all I can say.

“Ms Hack, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, told the ABC the app was hacked at the beginning of the day and the source was not revealed until late on Wednesday.

She said she could not confirm the source of the source but said the code had been published online.

The BBC app is the world’s biggest news and current affairs app, with more than 300 million users worldwide.

The app was announced in November last year.

In a statement, the BBC said: “It is not yet clear how the BBC app was compromised.

However, we are in contact with security experts in the US and the UK, who have confirmed the incident to be a cyber attack.””

It is important to note that our news and programmes are always secure, with a team of experts dedicated to ensuring that BBC News remains the most trusted source for news, information and views.

“Read more about hacking, security and security in the ABC’s hacking section.