Google has denied reports that hackers stole information from a data centre in California, after a database of more than 1 billion user accounts was found on the hackers’ devices.

Google’s internal security team confirmed to The Hill that a password recovery tool, called a “zoom hacking” database, was taken from the facility on Friday.

It was the first time hackers had used the tool in the data centre, said the spokesperson.

The hack was first reported by the Wall Street Journal and confirmed by a source familiar with the matter.

It involved hackers trying to access the database, which is used by Google to verify the identity of its users, but the company said it could not be sure it had the data.

Google said it was working to find the hacker who used the database.

Google is the world’s largest social network, with about half of its user base using the service.

Google also has the largest cloud computing infrastructure in the world.

The company’s cloud computing services include the cloud computing business, which offers the ability to store data on servers outside of Google’s data centre and access it with Google’s cloud services.

The company’s statement came hours after the FBI announced it was investigating a breach of its data centre at the company’s data center site in Mountain View, California.

Google has been working to protect users from online attacks in the wake of a series of high-profile attacks that began with the Stuxnet worm, a malicious computer worm that was designed to be able to penetrate computers that controlled Iranian nuclear facilities.

The worm was released in March 2011 and was later found to be capable of killing a wide range of targets.

The attacks included the Stomp the Security hack, a mass surveillance operation by the Chinese military that targeted the Pentagon’s computer systems.

The Stomp attack was widely believed to be part of a wider plot to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program, although it never occurred.

The Stomp operation targeted the U.S. Central Command computer network, which controls the military’s nuclear and missile programs.

The FBI said in a statement that it was also investigating a “highly targeted and highly sophisticated” attack that involved “potentially devastating damage to computer systems and infrastructure.”