Google is warning the public about a string in iOS devices that it said are used by attackers.

The warning comes amid an increasing number of devices being used by hackers to access iOS devices, a trend that has seen a number of high-profile incidents.

The company said Wednesday that attackers are targeting the iOS 7 operating system, and the first devices targeted by attackers included iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches.

“These attacks are happening across a wide range of devices,” the company said in a statement.

“The attack is happening on both a local and global scale, with a wide variety of targets.” iOS 7 is a software update that addresses some security flaws, including those that can be exploited in exploits and in the way apps are installed.

But there are also newer vulnerabilities in the system that can lead to code execution, potentially giving attackers more access to the device.

In a tweet, Google said it has identified five devices that were compromised using the same attack vectors, and that those devices are not being used for any commercial activity.

“We have found the devices and we have notified Apple,” Google said.

The first known incident involved an Apple iPhone 5c that was infected by the same attacker in September.

The latest attack, which Google said began around the time of the release of iOS 7, was discovered on a third-party device that is owned by an Apple customer.

The devices in question are known as AppleCare 5 devices, and were discovered in a hack at a home improvement store in Chicago.

AppleCare devices are meant to keep devices connected to the internet and are meant for people with limited internet access.

Apple said it notified the owner of the affected device and is working with authorities to investigate.

The next device is a Samsung Galaxy S5, and both devices have been identified as being used in recent incidents.

Google’s statement comes after the release in April of a vulnerability in the iOS system that allows attackers to execute malicious code remotely on a victim’s iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Apple released a patch for the vulnerability in August, but said that a flaw in the software made it easy for attackers to get into iPhones, and to install malware that was designed to compromise Apple’s security.

“Our patches have already prevented a number more devices from being infected by this particular attack vector,” the Google statement said.

“AppleCare 5 is an optional security feature for customers with an AppleCare device.

This means that if the device owner wants to turn it on, they must do so.

If they don’t want to, the device will not be infected and will not display an alert when a new user attempts to connect.”

Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

Google said that while the latest attack on the iPhones was a significant number, it’s not unusual for a device to be infected with a specific attacker’s exploit or for it to be used in other ways.

For example, the attack could be used to steal passwords, the company added.