Hackers have stolen a whopping $20 million worth of bitcoins from a solar farm in eastern Australia.

The Australian Federal Police said the incident happened on December 15 at the Suncoast Solar Farm in New South Wales.

The company, which was built by an Australian company, is one of a number of solar farms in the region that are being developed by Australian solar energy firm SolarWinds.

The Federal Government has promised to invest $50 million into solar energy and other renewable energy projects in Australia by 2022.

But the scheme was delayed because of concerns about the health of the solar farms, and the Government has committed to invest the money into a fund that will be managed by the Commonwealth.

SolarWinds said in a statement the money has been used to cover the costs of the project and has been distributed to investors.

“It is an extremely important project and will help ensure we have the technology to power the country for generations to come,” it said.

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