The hackers who stole $50,000 from accounts of thousands of users of the popular social media platform Twitter in 2016 have been caught.

The Globe reported Friday that the hackers have been charged with cybercrimes under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), which was added to the Criminal Code in 2017.

“The FBI has been notified of the breach,” a spokesperson for the US Attorney’s office in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania said in a statement.

The FBI says it has no information to suggest that criminal charges are pending.

“It is a felony for anyone to engage in conduct that would violate the Computer Misuse Act or any federal statute or regulation,” the spokesperson added.

The indictment is the latest twist in a criminal investigation that has already revealed the extent of the hacking that has occurred on the social media network.

The investigation, dubbed Operation Muckraker, has revealed more than 1,200 hacks and more than 10,000 accounts have been compromised, according to the FBI.

As of March, more than 4.5 million accounts had been compromised by hackers, according the FBI’s report.