The CEO of a cryptocurrency mining company has revealed he hacked a free game company and posted it online.

The hack was uncovered by The Daily Dot’s Ben White, who obtained screenshots of the game, Coin Master, via a hacker he knew.

Coin Master has a reputation for providing highly secure games for players, but White says the company was hacked last week by an unknown person.

The hacker posted screenshots of Coin Master’s game to the popular game subreddit Reddit, and they’re still up.

Coin Master has also been contacted by the FBI.

White says the screenshots show that Coin Master had been hacked.

The screenshot of Coin Masters game, titled “Coin Master”, is up on Reddit.

White also posted screenshots to YouTube and Twitter.

He says the hacker has posted the game on the subreddit r/crypto, which he first noticed a few days ago.

He also posted a screenshot of the Coin Master account on Reddit, along with a link to the game’s website.

Coin Masters Twitter account posted screenshots.

White shared screenshots of several of CoinMaster’s game’s exploits on Twitter.

In the screenshots, a woman appears to be holding a purse, a keypad, and a card with coins in it.

White describes the screenshots as a “puppy-fight game” that he and other users are calling Coin Master: The First Hack.

He says Coin Master games were “not really meant to be played with coins,” and he and the other users “hadn’t really tried to build any sort of network before, so we really didn’t expect to get a lot of traction.”

The screenshots show Coin Master players “wearing red hats,” which are “totally fake” and “used to make a token of your success.”

White says he found out about Coin Master when a user asked him about it on Reddit: “It was one of the most talked about games of the year.”

The company says it was hacked.

Coin Masters CEO and founder Daniele Kramarico posted a message on the company’s Reddit page this week, saying he was “devastated” by the hack.

Kramaricos says he was able to find the hacker and “identify the hacker,” but that Coin Masters “does not sell its customers’ data.”

Coin Master says the hacked games are still available for purchase.

CoinMaster says CoinMaster is currently offering a $50 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the hacker.