Hacker code has been stolen from Raze3.com, one of the world’s biggest online retailers, that was used to install ransomware that stole information about customers.

The company released a statement Wednesday saying the breach was “a result of an unauthorized user attempting to access Raze’s internal systems.”

Raze said it has suspended the use of its services and has suspended any and all communication with the user.

“We are working with the law enforcement authorities to determine the cause of the breach,” Raze spokesman Michael Brown said in a statement.

Raze previously reported that it had discovered a security vulnerability that could allow hackers to remotely take control of its servers.

Raxos, which owns Raze, said in December that it also had been hacked by the same hacker.

The website said the hackers gained access to the server via an attack on the company’s cloud computing platform and used a stolen password to login into the site.

The breach comes as hackers continue to target companies and governments around the world, including in Europe.

The United States, Canada and Europe are among the nations that have recently stepped up their efforts to fight cyberattacks and online theft.