When you’re trying to get a new pair of sneakers, you’re more likely to buy them at a store that has a dedicated vending machine than a online shop.

The same goes for the next generation of mobile devices, as they’re more susceptible to hackers and malicious apps than they used to be.

And as the vending machine industry continues to evolve, security is always a concern.

Hackers have been using vending machines to steal money and credit cards from businesses in the past, and a growing number of retailers are looking into how to secure them.

With the growing demand for security, it makes sense to look into ways to protect your own vending machine.

There are plenty of security measures you can take to make sure your machine is secure.1.

Secure it with a PIN1.1 Use a PIN to login to the machine.

It’s important to have a PIN that is unique to you.

This will prevent other people from getting a hold of your PIN and accessing it.2.

Use an iris scan to access your PIN3.

Disable or delete apps that can access your device4.

Use a smart card reader5.

Never use a password manager on your deviceIf you use a smartcard reader on your smartphone, it can be very easy to get hacked.

Just make sure you change the PIN and your PIN is secure and safe.

Also, make sure that the reader is only used for one app at a time.

Here’s how to do this:1.

Go to Settings on your phone.2: Tap General3.

Tap Security5.

Tap PIN6.

Make sure you only use one app on your lock screen.7.

If you are using a smart Card reader, it will ask you to choose a PIN.

Pick your PIN.8.

Tap the app you want to use and select the PIN to use on the device.9.

If your smart card is not used, it may show an error.

Tap OK10.

You’re done!