The hacker who broke into Amazon’s AMZN account last week and released details about the retailer’s internal network, according to an email sent to ESPN Crikey by a security expert, has used a different name and email address.

The email, sent to an Amazon employee on Monday, said that the hacker was using a different identity.

He had previously used the name John and the email address was [email protected], the email said.

The hacker was last identified in a report in the San Francisco Bay Area newspaper the Chronicle, who identified him as a 27-year-old from San Francisco.

A spokesperson for Amazon confirmed to ESPNcricInfo that the account had been hacked, adding that it is aware of the incident.

The company has not provided further details.

The report by the Chronicle said that it had obtained a copy of a contract Amazon signed with a hacker who claimed to have breached Amazon’s systems.

The contract, dated July 19, 2016, called for the hacker to use the name “[email protected], a hacker with an Amazon-specific domain name of jcatholic, the Chronicle reported.

The contract stated that the attacker would use Amazon’s network to distribute malware.

The document was obtained by the hacker through a court-authorized access request and is in the possession of the company.

It does not identify the company that signed the contract, the hacker said.

Amazon declined to comment on the report.

The breach is the latest in a series of attacks against Amazon’s security.

Last year, the company said it was investigating whether a hacker had accessed customer data.

Last week, Amazon said that hackers had accessed the network and compromised customer credit card numbers.

In the report published by the company, the hackers claimed to be responsible for the breach of customer credit cards and the sale of Amazon-branded merchandise, the report said.

The hackers claimed they had access to more than 200 million Amazon cards and had accessed credit card accounts.