Follow the instructions.

Follow these instructions on Instagram to hack your Instagram account.

You should get an email from Instagram that you need to update your password to unlock your account.

Follow that email to your account and then open the “Sign In” tab.

Click on the “I’m Authenticated” button.

Then click on “Edit” to add a new password.

Then choose a password and click on it. 2.

Create a new Instagram account, then sign in to it.

Once you’re signed in, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner.

The gear icon should be green.

Tap the “Edit Settings” button and then scroll down until you see “Accounts”.


Enter your Instagram username and password, then click on one of the orange arrows in the top right corner to add it. 4.

Select “Edit Profile” and then “Edit”.

You should now see a list of people that you can edit.

Tap on one and it should add a profile to your Instagram.

Once it’s added, click “Edit the Profile” button to edit your username and profile picture.

Then select “Update”.


You’re done.

Once your profile is updated, you can update it.

Tap “Add new profile” on the top left corner and select a new username and a new profile picture for your account to use.

You can now edit your profile picture as well as delete your existing profile.


Now you can add a caption to your photo.

Tap anywhere on your photo to add text to it, then tap the “Add caption” button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Tap a photo to choose a caption and tap “Add”.


You’ll see a screen similar to this.

Tap it to see the text you added to your picture.

Tap that text and you’ll be able to add images to your profile.

You may want to use a different photo if you want to add captioned images.


Once the text is added to the photo, tap the green “Edit text” button at the top of the photo to edit it.

Then tap “Save” to save your change.

You now have a caption that you’re able to edit.

If you’re interested in editing your Instagram profile, you should take a look at this tutorial.


After you’ve edited the text in your caption, you’ll see that you have a new “Edit profile” button that shows a list, which you can tap to add more content to your image.

If there’s a picture of you in your photo, you will see it in the “edit” section of the image.


Tap your image to select the new caption and hit the “Apply” button on the bottom of the screenshot.

If everything goes as planned, you now have your new caption added to all of your photos.

You also have a few other features that you may want too.

For example, if you have multiple friends that you want your photos to appear in more prominently, you may be interested in using a filter that removes your friends’ photos.


When you’re done, you’re ready to start taking photos.

Just tap your camera to take a picture and the camera will show you the list of photos you’ve selected.

Then you’ll have a list with your selected photos.

Tap them all and you should see a photo of you with the caption, which should be displayed in your photos section of your profile as well.


Now that you’ve taken a photo, it’s time to share it with your friends.

Click the gear button on your phone and select “Share”.


Now, your friends can see it too.

They’ll see your new Instagram profile photo in their profile photo view.

When they open it, they’ll see it is in the list that they’re currently in.

You don’t have to add that photo to your friends list yet, but you should.

When their photo is shared, they will see that it has a caption.

When your friends share their photo with you, it will show up in their photos section in the same way that the caption does.


When everyone is happy with their photo, click the gear again and select the “Share this photo” button, and you can share it to any of your friends that also have the photo.

You might also want to make sure your friends are viewing your photo from a different app than you do. 15.

Finally, you just want to share your photo with the world.

Tap this gear icon and your photo will appear in the camera roll.

Tap and hold your photo and your friends will see a notification when they’re ready.

You will also see a message from Instagram when your photo has been shared.


You won’t need to share the photo with anyone at this point.

If anyone does see your photo that you created, they can share the same with you. They can