Hacker who was hacked and released an update to his Facebook account has claimed that the update was an inside job. 

Robinhood, a British group of hackers, claims that the account had been hacked and was released an “incredible” new version of Facebook to try to trick users into believing the update had been tampered with. 

The hacker, who goes by the alias of ‘The Black Dragon’, said the latest update had added a new section in which he could post links to his own website.

“I didn’t realise that they had actually changed the rules of the game and allowed people to share content from my site without attribution,” Robinshood said in a blog post.

“Now the new update allows people to post any content from our site without any attribution, but it also makes it easier for people to link to our own website, and also allows people in our group to share any content they want.”

The hacker said his new version was not a hack, but rather “a new version to keep the game going”.

He claimed that his account was hacked twice and that the first hack was an attempt to post the latest version of the Facebook app on Twitter, but the second hack was a more elaborate attempt to steal his information.

The hacker claimed that he had also been contacted by Facebook and had been told that they were investigating.

“We have been contacted and we have received a warning from Facebook.

The reason why they are contacting us is because they believe that it is a bot and they are going to get their hands on our personal information,” he said.”

They have been talking to me for a while now and they know my real name and I have been in contact with the hacker, but nothing has come out of it.””

I have been receiving death threats and people have been telling me that I am a murderer and that I will die.” 

Robinsonhood claimed that Facebook had responded to his claims, saying: “We are investigating this incident and will take action as appropriate.” 

He said he believed that Facebook was trying to get rid of him by releasing the update as soon as possible.

“If I could do it in person, I would just give Facebook a call.

It is like a bomb to them.

They want to kill me so that they can sell their personal information and their reputation,” He continued. 

“Facebook wants me dead so that it can make a profit, so that their friends can make money.”

It is a sick thing to do and it will make people angry because people will be scared to share information with them. 

I am a human being and I am supposed to trust the company that made me.

“When Facebook releases an update like this, they should release it on the internet because people can use it. 

Facebook has the power to change the rules and I don’t want them to do that.” 

In a separate Facebook post, the group said that they would be updating its website “very soon” and that they “are currently working on getting it up and running as soon we can”.

The group’s Facebook page said that it had “made an awesome and amazing first step towards a world where the world’s information is safe, private and accessible”.