Hackers are currently exploiting flaws in the solarwind generator used in the UK’s national electricity system.

Netflix has not commented on the matter.

Netflix’s solar wind generator is part of the UK grid and feeds electricity to homes and businesses through its own solar panels.

The utility company says that it is “working with the UK Energy Research and Development Agency (ERDA) to investigate” the security vulnerability that could allow an attacker to remotely take control of the generator.

It added that the vulnerability has not yet been exploited and that the company is working with ERDA to “ensure the generator is securely deployed, and we will provide further information when it becomes available.”

In the past, Netflix has been known to use other systems that could be vulnerable to the same type of attack, but in a statement released this week, the company said it had been “working closely with the Government to address these concerns and ensure that our solar wind system is secure.”