It’s the second time in two days that someone has cracked the popular cough cough virus.

On Thursday, an individual from the US hacked into a virus security company called Quizlet Live, according to a security firm.

On Friday, a user from Germany broke into a site called Geek Quiz, which was selling fake antivirus certificates.

The hackers also breached the servers of three popular software providers, according a security company.

All of these attacks were apparently successful.

QuizletsLive,, and Geek Quit were not immediately available for comment.

On the Quiz Lets Live site, the hacker asked, “Can someone tell me where I can get the best cough cough viruses on Quiz?

It’s not on the internet.”

The hacker also wrote that he has a “high probability” of getting into QuizLet Live’s servers, and that he was able to “find out a lot of the secrets.”

On GeekQuiz, the user wrote that his computer was “not infected” with the virus.

A Quiz lets Live spokeswoman said the site was not impacted by the hacking attack, but said the company has been in contact with the hacker.

“We have reached out to him and are monitoring the situation and will make sure everything is ok,” the spokeswoman said in a statement.

On Geek Quotel Live, the spokeswoman wrote that the hacker’s “computer was not infected” and that the company was monitoring the issue.

On QuizLetsLive, the hackers posted, “We are still working on the situation.

We will post an update as soon as we can.”

The hackers posted photos of their hacks on

The hacker wrote on QuizzletsLive that his username is “fuzzypaw.”

In a blog post published on Geek Quits Facebook page, he wrote that “fucking fukking stupid,” in reference to the name of the company Quiz Let’s Live.

Quid Pro Quiz’s website is down, but the hacker told Ars Technica that his site is still up.

“It’s just a big headache,” he said.

The hacking group Quizlett Live said in an official statement that the group has been hacked.

“Quizlet has been breached.

The hack is not real,” it said.

“However, we are investigating the situation.”

The group said it will provide “free antivirus protection to all our users” and said it has made several changes to its site.

“For now, we’re still working through this problem,” it added.

Quizzlet Live was not immediately responsive to a request for comment from Ars.

The Quiz Quiz website was down for about 10 minutes, then returned to normal.

In a post on QuikletLive, an official Quiz site, Quizzlett Live confirmed the hack.

“In an unfortunate incident, the Quik-Let site was hacked by an unknown individual on Friday, July 29.

As a result, Quiklets Live was offline,” the post read.

Quik let Live said it had notified QuizQuiz.

“This is a bug in the software we use to distribute Quiz-Quiz,” it wrote.

“Our staff is working around the clock to fix the problem and to restore the site to its previous state.”

Quiz let Live also told Ars that it had taken down its Quiz Site and QuizTalk forums, and said that it would refund all affected users’ funds.

The domain was registered by a group called the Quikset Group, which is a group that has previously used fake names to attack antivirus software.

QuiKets are also behind other attacks on antivirus vendors, such as one in July that targeted antivirus company Symantec.

Quibz, which has more than 6,000 users, is a popular cough and flu vaccine.

“There is a lot more to do to make sure that Quik lets Live does not happen again, and we would appreciate it if you could report any problems that you find,” QuikLet Live wrote on its blog.

“Also, if you want to help us in any way, please share any information you can on Quicksites, as we would love to hear from you.”