The first thing fans of the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns will notice when they watch the Super Bowl is the absence of their favorite quarterback.

And that’s not a slight on the quarterbacks — who both threw for more than 4,000 yards last season — but a reminder that the Jets and Browns both lost the season opener.

The Jets are 8-5 and will face off against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday in the AFC Championship Game, while the Browns are 8 2/3 games behind the Jets in the playoff race.

Here’s a guide to every team’s matchup in the NFC East.

Here are the games and dates for each division: AFC East AFC North AFC South AFC West AFC South NFC East NFC North NFC South NFC West NFL Playoff Picture NFL Playoff picture AFC East Patriots Patriots Patriots 20-20 New England Patriots 16-16 AFC North Steelers Steelers Steelers 17-14 AFC North Dolphins Dolphins 15-14 NFC East Packers Packers 13-14 NFL Playoff game schedule NFL Playoff NFL playoff picture NFL Playoff NFC East Seahawks Seahawks Packers 17-17 NFC North Steelers Packers 20-17 AFC South Buccaneers Titans 17-15 NFC South Packers Falcons 17-12 NFL Playoff Sunday Night Football NFL Playoff playoff picture AFC West Packers Seahawks Packers 21-16 NFC North Jets Raiders 17-13 NFC North Panthers Packers 17/10 NFC South Rams Panthers 18-12 NFC East Eagles Cardinals 17-16 NFL Playoff Week 4 NFL Playoff week 4 AFC West Texans Texans Raiders 21-10 AFC South Texans Broncos 20-7 AFC North Texans Titans 20-6 AFC North Bengals Chiefs 16-14NFL Playoff week 3 NFL Playoff day 3 AFC West Raiders Titans 20, Titans 24-20 AFC North Raiders Bengals 20, Bengals 21-14CBS Sports NFL playoff preview NFL Playoff season NFL Playoff Super Bowl CBS Sports Super Bowl preview CBS Sports NFL Super Bowl recap NFL Playoff preview NFL Super