Hackers are stealing passwords and other personal information from people on Twitter, but it’s getting worse.

The company says it’s now cracking down on accounts that have posted spam, and a new feature in the app called “Tap” is making it easier to report them.

The feature is a little bit like a “revenge” button in Twitter’s apps, but in Twitter Tap it lets you use a microphone to report the account.

“Tap is a simple, fast way to report a user who has posted malicious content or abuse,” the company wrote.

The new feature lets you “report any account you believe has posted spam or abuse that you believe violates our policies.”

That could include a tweet from a Twitter user that contains a fake tweet.

Twitter says it will not use this feature for malicious accounts.

You can also send the same message to other Twitter users, or use the same voice, but Twitter says the voice you use on the app won’t be recorded.

The app also lets you send a direct message to a user if you don’t know their username.

It also lets users “report accounts that are spamming their followers or promoting false information.”

It doesn’t do anything if the person who posted the spam or the information is using a different voice.

This is the third time Twitter has used the new “Tap.”

The first time, it took an hour to report an account.

The second time, the feature took an entire day.

It’s unclear if the feature is still in place because the company has a new product.

It says it has also added a feature to its desktop app to help users manage their accounts and to “monitor and flag accounts that appear to be abusing our rules.”

There’s no way to flag accounts like these that have been flagged by a Twitter security team, but that can be a difficult task, and it’s possible someone could use the new feature to flag a user and take control of their account.

For now, the company is making the feature available only to verified accounts.

A tweet from Twitter says that while this feature will only work for verified accounts, users will be able to send messages to anyone who they feel has a verified account.

It could be used to send a message to anyone you believe is a fake account.