Windows 10, Microsoft’s most recent version of its operating system, will allow users to “hack” games and games apps, according to the company’s new privacy policy. 

Parler, an app for playing games, is currently available in the Microsoft Store for $1.99, and is available on iOS and Android for free.

It was designed as a way for users to play online games without having to install a new app.

Microsoft, which announced its intent to remove the “hack,” also has a privacy policy that outlines what information is collected and how it is used.

Parler can only collect information from players and the developers that are signed in, so the app only has access to the player’s personal information and no personal information.

Microsoft’s privacy policy for Parler reads:When users log in to the Parler app, they see a “hack notification” and are given the option to either allow the app to collect information or to block the app from collecting information.

The options are displayed in a new tab in the Settings app.

Users can block the option that has been shown to them, or they can opt to allow the data to be collected.

Users are able to choose to turn on or off a feature that the company claims is designed to help players “hack games and apps.” 

Parlters privacy policy reads:”We don’t collect or store your personal information in any way.

You can choose not to receive these messages, or to opt out of receiving them at any time.

Privacy is about your privacy.

We’ll never ask for or ask for your permission to share your information.

If you do not want to receive this privacy notice, click the link to the end of this privacy policy to unsubscribe.”

Microsoft says it will be adding Parler to the App Store later this year. 

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