On August 2, 2016, Instagram posted a screenshot of an Instagram account belonging to a user named Sam, who claimed to have hacked into Pokemon Go.

Sam’s account, however, was not authentic, and it was subsequently deleted.

The following day, Instagram released a statement confirming that Sam’s Instagram account had been hacked, but it did not disclose the identity of the account’s creator or any details of the attack.

A day later, Instagram removed Sam’s posts from its app, saying that it was “looking into the situation.”

This led to many Twitter users questioning whether Sam was a legitimate Instagram user.

The next day, Sam uploaded a series of tweets showing off a number of his new Pokemon Go hacking exploits.

The posts featured a series that appeared to be from a real Instagram account.

In the tweets, Sam claimed to be a hacker, saying, “I have hacked several Instagram accounts and captured more than 150k followers.


Sam later posted screenshots of the Instagram posts he claimed to hack, claiming, “Just a few hours ago I hacked a real account on Instagram.

It was @lil_sam_1.

I posted a few screenshots and it had over 1.6 million followers.

I also have over 150k Twitter followers.”

Sam posted screenshots from a different Instagram account, claiming that it had hacked into the accounts of other celebrities, including Lady Gaga and Madonna.

Sam also claimed that he had hacked the accounts and images of celebrities including Rihanna, Madonna, and Madonna’s husband, Nicki Minaj.

Sam later claimed that the Instagram account he hacked belonged to a real person named Sam.

The real Sam’s Twitter account is no longer available, but his Instagram account was also deleted and no further information about his hack was provided.

Twitter’s statement said that it is investigating the matter, and the company said it has reached out to Sam.

However, Sam has also been accused of having hacked Twitter accounts belonging to people who he said he had befriended and who he had later allegedly harassed.

Sam has denied all the accusations.

A person who goes by the name “Sam” on Twitter has also claimed to belong to the hacker group Anonymous, which is responsible for a series to disrupt Twitter accounts in which Anonymous targets Twitter users.

The group has claimed responsibility for an attack on Anonymous accounts, and one of Sam’s accounts has been hacked.

Sam was also a vocal critic of social media companies for their slow response to the hacks.

Twitter said in its statement that it has been in contact with Sam and the other alleged hacker and has promised to look into the matter.

Twitter has been criticized for its slow response and for not doing more to stop Sam’s hacks.

The company has also received criticism for its use of a bot to identify suspected accounts that are active in social media.

However and unfortunately, Twitter’s bot is not nearly as effective as the methods used by Sam, as Sam was able to identify and identify a number more than 50 accounts on Twitter.

This bot has been used to identify over 1 million accounts, with over 600,000 of those accounts linked to Sam’s personal account.

Twitter is currently testing new tools that will help it better identify suspected Twitter accounts and to prevent accounts that it believes have been compromised.

Twitter says it is still looking into the alleged hacking and has notified Sam.

It has also contacted Sam’s representatives.

The alleged hacker has not been charged with any crime.