Hack-and/or slash games that are free to play.

The Pokemon series is known for its fast-paced combat and fun, and many have tried to emulate it, often with little success.

The latest attempt comes from a YouTube video that shows the game as a first-person action game.

This is a good start for a new IP, as most games in this genre fall into a predictable, repetitive, and overly-familiar style.

However, the game is actually a hack-and+slash experience.

There’s no in-game currency to buy or acquire.

The player can do as much as they want in the game, but the game only offers the player the option to do so at certain times of the day, during certain events, or on certain days of the week.

In other words, the gameplay is not limited to the traditional hack-&-slashes, but rather allows for customization.

If the player wishes to make an interesting new game with Pokemon as its setting, this is a promising start.

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