The Best of 2018 has ended, and here are the best PS4 hacks of 2018.

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With PS4 Pro, we’re not only getting a ton of new games, but also a lot of great content to discover and share.

While the PS4 has yet to hit retail stores in the US, we expect that it will launch in the fall and become available for download in early 2018.

If you’re still feeling the need to buy PS4 games, here are some other ways to stream them on the PSN.

While you’re playing, you can also try some PS4-exclusive PS4 content, including a PS4 exclusive story trailer, a game mode that lets you control the AI companion in a VR adventure, and an exclusive trailer for the game’s second DLC pack.

If you’re a gamer with a console, you could also try PS4 multiplayer on PS4.

If not, then the PS Vita has a PSVita support, with PS Vita-exclusive content for PSVITas upcoming releases, and a PS Vita game bundle.

If all that isn’t enough, here’s our Top 10 PS4 Games of 2018 list, which includes a few surprises:Destiny 2: The Taken King PS4 EditionThe game’s PS4 version, which launched in September, has finally arrived on the shelves.

In this exclusive story from E3 2017, Bungie reveals the new story and gameplay features, and reveals the first screenshots.