The School Hackers of the Year article School Hacking and the School Hacksters are often associated with one or more of the following topics: School hacking is a term used to describe a series of computer attacks designed to steal data or other personal information from school systems.

It is typically associated with cyber-espionage and/or intrusion into schools.

Students who are not actively participating in school-related activities are often the targets of such attacks.

School Hack is a word coined by cyber-security expert Andrew Sullivan.

In the past, it was considered a derogatory term for anyone who uses school computers to do computer-related tasks.

However, the term “school hacking” is now generally accepted and is used by many organizations to describe the attacks carried out by students, researchers and others to steal personal information.

The School Hacker is an online community that collects and publishes information about school hacks, and provides resources to students, teachers and parents about school-hacking topics.

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