Hacker’s fare: Hackers can go for a good hack in New York, but the feds want to take a bigger step, according to a federal law enforcement official.

According to the official, the Justice Department wants to get rid of the word “hack,” which has been used in many jurisdictions to describe unauthorized hacking of devices and services.

The official told ABC News that the Justice department has been trying to find new legal definitions for “hacking,” “hacks,” and “hackers.”

He added that the department is trying to make the definition of “hacker” more inclusive.

Hacker’s fareThe law enforcement source told ABCNews.com that the DOJ is currently trying to define the meaning of hacking as “the unauthorized or deliberate destruction of a computer or other electronic device in order to access or gain access to protected data.”

He also noted that the government has used “hack” to describe a variety of different actions, including hacking into computers to steal or steal personal information.

The DOJ official also noted there are “legal definitions” for the term, and they include actions such as “hiding or destroying a password or other authentication or authorization to access a computer.”

However, the official noted that some of the actions are “very common” and “uncommon,” and there are plenty of examples of people who “have gotten away with it.”ABC News has reached out to WhatsApp for comment on the DOJ’s proposed definition of hacking, and will update this story if we receive a response.

A federal law firm representing the FBI declined to comment on whether the DOJ wants to use the term “hacked,” saying it would be inappropriate.