Zane, the company behind Z-Pay, has come under fire for a hack that stole over a million user passwords from the company’s database, a breach that has left thousands of users without access to their money.

A spokesperson for the company says that they were hacked by a foreign hacker.

The company has said that the data breach has resulted in no financial harm to Zane.

We are working to restore the user data and are in the process of contacting the individuals that may have been impacted.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and patience.

But some users say they were unable to log into their accounts and received a message from Zane’s support team that their money had been stolen.

“It said that they had received the payment and the account was gone,” a user named Zaid Ahmed told CNNMoney.

“When I asked why they had taken the money, they said it was to send the payment to a company in Turkey to help them pay for their legal bills and they did not want me to contact them to get the money back.”

A representative for Zane told CNN that the company is working to contact those affected by the hack.

“We are actively working to ensure the full security of the database, and we have contacted all affected customers to assist them with any issues,” Zane spokesperson Taryn Nix told CNN Money.

“At this time, we do not believe this is a direct result of our security measures and will continue to work closely with our customers to restore their accounts as quickly as possible.”

Some users who received the notification did not realize they had been hacked until after they logged in.

“I was able to log in with my password but it didn’t seem like there was anything else,” user Arwa Sajjad told CNN.

“Then I found out it was my password and I saw the login details.”

The hacker had also accessed a security screen on Zane accounts, allowing him to view details of any user who had logged in to their accounts.

The account details included their first and last names, birthdays, and email addresses.

Zane has since issued a public apology, saying it was an oversight that the user had not noticed that the information was being taken from their account.

Z-pay has since apologized to those affected.

“The Z-cash team is actively working with our valued customers and partners to ensure that our customers are able to access their Z-payment funds once this issue is resolved,” the company said in a statement.

“As we have said before, Z-Cash will continue its efforts to improve our security procedures to further protect the customer’s financial data.”