By Peter GwynneIn the past month, there have been some serious incidents involving nuclear reactors in Canada, and some of them are not good news for the industry.

The latest is a nuclear reactor in Montreal’s Portage-St. Lawrence area that’s being inspected by the Canadian National Nuclear Safety Authority (CNSA).

The incident happened after a worker at the Quebec nuclear plant was accidentally exposed to radioactive dust.

He was transported to hospital with what were described as “serious injuries.”

According to the CNSA, the worker was in his workplace for two hours when he suffered a chest infection and was released to his home after being treated by a nurse.

CNSA says it is not yet clear whether he was exposed to the radioactive dust in the first place.

The company is investigating the matter and says that no one was exposed during the incident, nor was there any indication that the worker had taken any actions to remove the contaminated material.

The CNSA’s interim report says that there is a “reasonable possibility” that the radioactive material was exposed by the worker.

However, the CNSC says that the radiation exposure was not “directly caused by” the accident, nor could CNSA determine if there was any other person at the plant that may have been exposed to contamination.

The report says the worker’s employer, a French-Canadian company, “was not aware” of any other worker at that plant that was exposed.

According to CNSA spokesperson Paul Desrosiers, the workers’ employer “remains fully aware of the incident and takes immediate corrective action to address any issues.”

According a statement released by the CNSE, the Quebec plant “has been operated since 1976 and has a long history of safe operation.

Its staff and the general public are regularly screened by trained staff members and the environment is carefully monitored.”

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