A series of hacks has revealed a game for the Pokemon series that fans can play without having to download the game’s official app.

The hack, dubbed Pokemon Hack, has been spotted on the official Pokemon subreddit, which was updated Tuesday with a post by user DrexelTurtle that said the hack is “the first time we’ve seen the source code.”

The hackers, known as Drexels and Turtle, were using a malicious piece of code that has not been publicly disclosed to trick the game into thinking it was a legitimate download, Drexell Turtle wrote.

“We’ve seen a number of similar hacks recently and the same problem remains: The code in question is not publicly known,” he said.

“I’m not suggesting that all hacks are equally valid.

What I am suggesting is that the code in this case is.”

The game was launched for iPhone and iPad last month.

The app allows users to play the games online, though the games’ official website says they are free to download and play.

The hackers claim the game is the first game in the series to use the new code.

“Our code is an easy to detect piece of malware and we have tested it against multiple legitimate Pokemon games in a variety of configurations,” Drexelle Turtle wrote in the Reddit post.

“This is the second time we have seen the code used to create the code and I’m confident that the developers will not be using this to exploit the game.”

He did not provide a download link for the game.

The game’s creator, Game Freak, said it was aware of the exploit and would be working to patch it.

The hacks are one of a series of new games that are not available for download.

Earlier Tuesday, Daxar, a new game that lets players play on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 consoles, was revealed to have a new, hacked version of the game, known by the code name.

Daxar is an adventure game where players explore a castle filled with monsters and solve puzzles to advance.

The hackers claim that the game was released last month, with a “patched version” released on Oct. 5.

“It’s a good game that is very well made, has good story, and has fun to play,” Daxars creator, James Fuchs, told ABC News.

“The problem is, it has no official Pokémon app.”

He said Daxes game is “not compatible with the official Pokémon game on the App Store, but we have tried to fix that.”

A similar problem has been discovered with Pokemon Sun and Moon, a game that has a separate app for iOS and Android devices.