In recent years, researchers have found ways to trick ketogenic dieters into hacking their own devices.

Now, researchers are trying to figure out how to do the same to hack their own phones.

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“A lot of people have been able to create apps and fake apps,” said researcher Joshua Johnson, who has created a “fake keto hacking” app, called KetoHacker, which is available for free.

KetoHacking allows users to create and send an app that looks and works like a regular app.

It works with Android and iOS devices, and it can be used to hack the device by sending the app a code.

When a user downloads the app, it is signed with their personal credentials.

This includes a QR code that is sent to the phone and an image of the app with the app logo.

When the user tries to use the app to unlock the phone, the app will try to guess the user’s fingerprint, and if the fingerprint is the same as that of the user, it will send the user a fake app token that the user can use to get access to the app.

If the user guesses correctly, the user is granted access to unlock a locked device, the researchers said.

However, when the user sends the app code, the fake app will not recognize it.

Instead, the real app will say that the app is a fake.

The researchers did not find any evidence of malicious apps on their devices.

But, they did find a way to spoof apps to make them seem legitimate.

For example, they could send an image from a fake keto app to a real app that would look and work like a keto-friendly app.

But when the real apps downloaded from the fake ketos, they would display a message saying “the image is not authentic.”

When users tried to send the fake KetoHack code to their phone, it would show a screen like this: “This app does not support the use of the image.

The app cannot be opened.”

The researchers said this type of behavior is not very common in real apps.

But, Johnson said the app works as advertised.

“The fake app is just a tool, and you can use it to create any app you want, including keto apps,” he said.