Hacked games are on the rise again with new platforms popping up and popular hacks still being carried out on the internet.

Hackers continue to exploit the popular social media platform with hacks of popular games, games consoles, apps, apps for smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and more.

The list goes on.

The latest is the latest hack of The Last of Us, which was reported in September to have affected an estimated 300,000 people worldwide.

The game’s creators say they are confident that it was the result of a software bug, and the company has issued a patch.

But the hackers have also released more and more exploits, including ones that have been found in iOS and Android.

Some have even been used to compromise and steal data from other popular social networking platforms.

A new hack targeting Twitter users was discovered this week, and hackers say it may be related to the recent Twitter bug.

The new Twitter hack, dubbed “The Last of us,” affected over 30,000 Twitter users and appears to have been carried out in an attempt to gain access to the social media site.

The hacker, @TarkovHacks, claimed that they used the Last of the Us exploit to gain control of the Twitter account of a user who shared a screenshot of a hacked version of the game.

“We are aware that the Last Of Us exploit has been used recently against the Twitter user and has caused him to lose control of his Twitter account,” the hacker wrote in a tweet sent to Twitter users.

The message has since been deleted, but screenshots posted on Twitter show the Twitter handle @TARKOVHacks being used to post the new Twitter exploit.

Twitter told Ars that the hack was not related to a Twitter bug or a bug that was recently fixed.

Twitter said it was aware of the tweet and that it had patched the bug.

Twitter’s public policy says that users should only use the account they signed up to in order to access the social networking platform.

However, it also says that Twitter is working on ways to make it easier for users to sign up for other services.

Ars spoke with a Twitter spokesperson about the new hacks and the new security update that was issued on Thursday.

Ars has reached out to Twitter for comment. “

In addition, we are rolling out an additional security update to our Twitter platform that addresses a critical issue that affects our users who use the Twitter API to create accounts.”

Ars has reached out to Twitter for comment.

The Last Of The Us is a highly popular game for the PS3 and Xbox 360, and has been downloaded by more than 300 million people.

It is available on Steam, Xbox Live Arcade, and iOS.

Twitter confirmed to Ars that Twitter had updated its internal tools to help users who have lost access to their account with a bug.

“Twitter has taken action to protect the account and our user base and to protect users who are experiencing a security breach,” a Twitter spokesman said.

“The company has fixed the issue.”

Twitter says it is working with a number of security vendors and developers to fix the issue.

Twitter has not yet announced a timeline for the update.

Ars has contacted Twitter for a response.

Ars reached out for comment to the company.

Ars’ own Twitter account has not had any issues with hackers.