The hacker that claims to be behind the infamous Hacked Client hack has taken to Twitter to claim that it was actually a legitimate server, but that its owner “did not get hacked”.

The HackedClient exploit was the brainchild of the Australian-based CyberBerkut group.

The group says it was hacked from a server in Brazil, and it claimed responsibility for the attack in the hope of stealing the account information and credentials of other affected users.

According to the group, the account of the hacker, who went by the name “hacker”, was “hacked” on May 11.

It said it was using “several” accounts, including a “very good” account from Brazil.

The hacker told BuzzFeed News that it “got hacked” and the hacker who attacked it was “a legit person”.

The hacker claimed it would never do such a thing again, and said the hack was “the biggest thing we’ve done in this whole year”.

It added: “The hacker did not get any money from me.

It’s a good thing.

We’re the first ones to take it on, and I’m very happy with it.”

In response to a request for comment from BuzzFeed News, a CyberBorkut spokesperson said: “CyberBerkuts hacking team has not received any notification from the hacker.

We have received many reports about the hacker and the fact that the hacker has been hacked.

We are investigating the matter further and will provide further updates as soon as we receive them.”

In its statement, CyberBekut said it had “not received any notice from the attacker and have never received any payment for hacking the account”.

The spokesperson said the group’s “hackers have a lot of money and are very smart” and said they were not involved in the attack.