In late October 2016, a group of hackers calling themselves the “Tarkovsky hackers” began to target websites and social media accounts associated with the film director.

The attack was widely condemned, with critics claiming that the attack was a deliberate attempt to steal the film’s content and influence the public opinion of the film itself.

“Tarksky was a great director,” one critic said of the hack.

“But this was the first time the Russians have targeted Hollywood.”

Soon after, Tarkovsky’s brother Alexander, who was a producer on the film, told The Hollywood Reporter that the hack had been planned for years and that his family had “never been approached by any of the attackers.”

In December 2016, Tarsan Tarkov, the hacker known as “Vladimir Putin’s new best friend” posted an open letter to the hacktivists, asking them to stop.

“They’ve taken everything away from us and everything we hold dear,” he wrote.

“I hope that the next time the hackers take us seriously, we will have the guts to stand up for what we believe in.”