By Andrea Wilson and Adam MolnarPosted February 11, 2018 06:10:50With just hours before his Twitter account was hacked, Andrea Wilsons Instagram account was stolen.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Wilsson posted the following message: “I am a mother of a 4yr old, who has autism.

We have been fighting for her since March 1st.

The last time we got a call from @pvita about this, we were told she had an injury.”

In a statement released on Thursday, Wilson said her Instagram account had been hacked by an unknown individual, and that she was in contact with the person responsible.

“The hack was a simple phishing attempt, to get my Instagram account to sync up with the account of someone I knew, and to gain access to my account information,” Wilson told TechCrunch.

“In the process, I gained access to a number of sensitive personal and financial information about my daughter.”

Wilson’s account has since been restored, but she added that she is still in the process of contacting Sony to get her account back.

“I would like to clarify that I was not targeted in this attack.

I have spoken with the individual responsible and will update this story once I have a chance to speak to him,” Wilsions statement reads.”

If I was, they would have been notified immediately, as well as notified of my request for a refund, but as it is, I have not received any communication from Sony about this issue.

I appreciate the concern from my fans and I am grateful to the PS community for their patience while I dealt with this issue.”

The Instagram account belonging to Wilson’s daughter, Tiana, was recently hacked.

In a tweet posted on Thursday morning, Wilsonian explained that she has been told that the hacker managed to gain the account, and she had a few hours before her Twitter account had the account password reset.

“That password was in the last few hours of my account, so it would have taken a lot of time to reset it,” Wilsonian told Tech Crunch.

“My daughter and I have been communicating via the app for a while, so I knew that I would have access to all of her photos.

I’m thankful to her for her support and hope that they can get her back, but I’m not so happy with the hacker’s actions.”

Wilsonian was not able to provide any details on how the hack occurred, other than to say that it was a very simple phish attempt.

“As far as the information about the hacker is concerned, we have no way of knowing whether it was the hacker himself or someone else that he hacked into the account,” Wilssons statement reads, noting that she does not think it is necessary for Sony to provide details on what happened to her account.

“Sony has a responsibility to provide the utmost security for our fans and has stated in the past that they will take action against anyone who breaches our security or data, including through malicious hacking,” she adds.

The hack occurred shortly after Wilsion posted a video to Instagram of her daughter playing with a toy, a reference to her daughter, who also suffers from autism.

Wilson posted that she would be sending her daughter a toy on Thursday.

Wilsonian’s Instagram account has a total of 3,500 followers, and the video has more than 6.7 million views.

The hack also came less than two weeks after Wilson tweeted that she “hacked” her Twitter, but it has since come to light that the person who did it, was an individual from Russia.

“My family and I are saddened by the hack of our Instagram account,” the caption reads.

“We will keep you updated on the progress of our investigation.”

The incident comes just days after Wilsonian revealed that her daughter has autism, and her Instagram feed has been flooded with people who have expressed shock at her daughter’s condition.

Wilson was also a vocal supporter of the Playstation brand, as she had shared a video with her daughter in which she announced that the Playstation 4 would be released in March.

“It is the greatest console ever,” WilSons daughter said in the video.

“The Playstation 4 is a fantastic platform for me to play video games.”