Hackers are using new software to take over your phone and make it easier for them to steal data and data breaches.

1 / 5 Hackers use new software that encrypts your phone to hide their tracks.

Now, that’s not a good thing, but hackers are using it to hide the trackers.

“This is not a security problem.

This is a problem with the software,” said Robert Wieseltier, CEO of cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab.

The software is called Signal, and it encrypts the data stored on your phone’s storage, like the music and apps, which means hackers don’t have to go through the hassle of taking down the phone and getting to your data.

“If you’re trying to recover data, this is not the solution.

It’s not as simple as taking down your phone,” Wieseler told Engadge.

You can’t get rid of the code that encrypting data takes, and if you try to restore your phone, it will still work.

The biggest downside to Signal, though, is that it encryptes your data only if you use a specific service or app.

If you only use a messenger app, Signal will still be able to steal your data if it sees it in the app.

Signal also makes it so that the encryption will not be reset after a backup or if the data is lost or destroyed.

That means if a hacker gets your phone or data, they’ll have to re-download the Signal app from the App Store to get it back.

The Signal app is free, but there’s a $5 price tag.

The company is hoping that the new software will get users off of phones with a “bad reputation.”

“A bad reputation is bad for business, so we’re hoping Signal can help people with bad reputation switch phones,” said Wiesels.

“We’re going to try to get the best signal signal signal Signal Signal Signal signal signal.”

Wieseling said the new encryption will be rolled out to a wider range of phones, including tablets and smartwatches.

He said that’s something that would be harder to do with the old software, since users were using them on the phone for so long.

“The only way to change your phone is to take it off your person, so people won’t want to change their phone,” he said.

“It’s like having a piece of paper with a password on it, and then they can’t remember their password.”